Virtual PC 2007

Download Virtual PC 2007
Microsoft’s latest version of Virtual PC is now available for download. Like previous versions of Virtual PC this 2007 edition allows you to run a virtual sandboxed version of Windows on top any other Windows install. In theory, you can install Virtual PC on a Windows XP system (Pro and Media Center are officially supported, Home also works) and install Vista in Virtual PC to try it out before you make the move. That way you can see what you love or hate about Vista before getting stuck living with it full time. Virtual PC is also a much safer way to test apps without risking your core install of Windows XP. You can copy files between the Virtual PC OS and your desktop OS, making it easy to isolate applications in the virtual environment, without losing access to the files you create. For best experience, you want a system with a ton of RAM and a fast processor, but you can run with more limited resources if necessary. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]

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