Split MP3s into Multiple Files

Adam writes, “Is there a way I can manipulate the length of MP3 files, as I’ve been converting videos of live bands into MP3s but I’m getting the whole set as one file and Id rather have individual songs.”

Virtually any audio editing app will allow you to chop up an MP3 file. The problem is, most of them also re-encode the file, which adds additional compression and often makes the file sound worse. There are a number of apps that support trimming MP3 files up into smaller segments. One of my favorites is mpTrim, which allows you to split MP3 files, without needing to re-encode the file. In some cases, you might need the pay version for trimming large files, but the free version works for many applications.

To trim a file with mpTrim, open the file you want to trim in the application and choose the mark in and mark out points.

mpTrim mp3 editor screen

When you’re done, simply Save As and you’ll have the new file with the original left unaffected
One reason you might consider the pay version of the application is for batch processing, which allows you to make several changes and then apply them all at once.