Post YouTube Videos on MySpace Profiles

Venetian writes, “I saw your instructions of how to post a video from YouTube into your blog section of MySpace. But what if I want the video to start playing on my home page when people first visit?”
MySpace made a few changes to the way they handle YouTube videos that makes the process of adding video to your MySpace Profile page a little easier. At the same time, it’s a slightly more confusing process than my previous method for adding YouTube videos to your MySpace blog. MySpace automatically changes the YouTube video embedding code to fit MySpace requirements, so you need to make sure you add the autoplay information in the right spot if you want a video to start automatically on your MySpace profile home page.
To add a YouTube video to your MySpace profile page, make sure you’re logged into MySpace. Click on the Edit Profile link next to your photo.

For this example, I’ll add a video at the bottom of my About Me section. First copy the embed code from the YouTube video page.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of your About Me section and paste the code you just copied from YouTube.

If you don’t need the video to start playing automatically, you are finished at this point. Click the Save All Changes button at the top of the page and your video will appear on your profile.
To make the YouTube video start automatically, you need to do one more step. Locate the section of the YouTube that says value=”…” where … is the rest of the URL. Before the closing quotation mark add &autoplay=1 to the end of the link. Now click Save All Changes and the video will be on the front page of your MySpace profile, starting automatically.