Royalty Free Podcast Promo Soundpack

I’m always looking for more audio sound effects – especially free ones. has a collection of Royalty Free and free as in no cost audio samples designed specifically for podcasters. Terms of use are simply that you need to credit for providing them. As far as I can tell, the collection is available only on Apple’s download site and the files are listed as requiring Mac OS X, but fear not, the WAV files in the download will work just as easily for Linux and Windows users too. The list of included sounds in the Royalty Free Podcast Promo Soundpack include:
Cafe Quarter Sting
Energize Sting
Night Metropolis Sting
Urban Tribe Sting
Constellations Loop
Eko Loop
Sci High Loop
Wave Movement Loop
While this isn’t a massive collection of free loops, some is always better than none.
Royalty Free Podcast Promo Soundpack
For other free and royalty free sounds, be sure to check out Meanrabbit Sound Effects and The Freesound Project.