Nine Best Answers

I’m trying an experiment with Eyejot. Everyday, I’m going to ask a random question via video and collect responses via video. I’ll pick the nine answers I like best, compile them with the question and publish the responses the following morning. A new question will appear each day.
Here’s the first one:


  1. In a fight to the death between Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan who would win?
    I’m tempted to say Jackie Chan has already won because Bruce Lee is already dead.
    But even if we assume Bruce Lee wasn’t dead, Jackie might still win because he is about 14 years younger. Bruce would be 6about 67 years old today where Jackie is about 53.
    Still all told Bruce is probably the superior martial artist and athlete so if we could magically level the age gap, or even narrow it, by say 5-7 years, my guess is that Bruce would win.
    That being said, I wouldn’t want to see either of them in a fight to the death. I’d rather they both stayed alive to continue entertaining us with their superb skill.

  2. Bruce Lee would win – no contest. Bruce was a far more disciplined fighter. I remember tho’, watching Return of the Dragon, and thinking that if anyone could give Bruce a run for his money it would be Chuck Norris – just ask David Carridine LOL!

  3. Bruce Lee – hands down. Not only is he the better fighter, but he would have the guts to go to the death. Jackie would stop short of death – it’s not in him.

  4. I would say that Jackie Chan would win because he appears to have enough agility, a strong sense of self determination, and will power. And as we all know-there is nothing we can’t do if we have these things.

  5. definitely jacky chan!, he has moves and st yle that would beat up lee any time of the day! 😉

  6. Bruce lee would be the better man of course not only has bruce lee got more strenght an more determanation i wwould know because i can fight near as good as bruce i practise tae kwon do every day. chan is very flexible an fast bust his speed and flexiblity is no match for bruce. bruce is a man of honor and pride hede destroy jackie. jackie learns styles such as fast lightning horse style these are teqniques for such stuff as blind folded fighting, an weapon to weapon fighting. bruces style is for such kind as fist to fist and foot to foot and in films bruce aint afriad of any1 he fight like twenty odd bear hand jackie has to like hide behind things and use sheilds plus bruce has more guts to kill unlike jackie i have too say jackie is a great fighter but no match for BRUCE LEE!
    and LEE fights with heart chan fights as fighing also adivice learn by fighting or watching Lee is a naturally born fighter and gifted and is NOT A FAKE like some guys say !!!!

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