How to Download Movies

“How do I download movies, not video clips from the Internet? I mean full movies, like Cinderella, or something like that?”
There are a number of places selling full length movies for download online. If you are specifically looking for downloads from Disney, like Cinderella, Apple’s iTunes Store is the only option, which requires the iTunes software to be installed. There’s currently no central repository with all movie titles from all of the various studios. You often have to look in several places to find what you want.

CinemaNow sells some movie downloads with the option to burn the movies to DVD after you download them. For some titles at CinemaNow, your only option is to rent the movies for a limited time, which works great if you have broadband Internet access and generally has you watching the movie within a few minutes of starting the download. Movies play in Windows Media Player.
Movielink offers many of the same titles as CinemNow, but I haven’t found their user experience to be quite as good. Often Movielink has slightly lower prices than CinemaNow, but they limit viewing to up to 3 computers and don’t have a burn to DVD option for these cheaper titles. Movies play in Windows Media Player.
Jaman offers a decent selection of international movie titles for either rental or paid download. They don’t support burning files to DVD and require you to use their proprietary player to download and view files.
For slightly more obscure titles, there are a number of places to get free movie downloads via BitTorrent. You’ll need a download client like uTorrent or Azureus for these options. deals primarily with Creative Commons licensed material, which is free but may restrict what you can do with the files once you have them.
Public Domain Torrents is a collection of movies that have expired copyright and are now in the public domain.
Legit Torrents is another download site with a theme similar to Legal Torrents.
There are a number of other legal ways to download movie content, like through the Xbox Live Video Marketplace (if you have an Xbox 360) or through smaller emerging sites. The list will continue to grow as more movie distribution moves online.