Google Apps June 2007 Updates

Google still hasn’t convinced me to switch away from Outlook as my dedicated mail, calendar, contact and task manager, but the new features of the Google Apps suite are certainly alluring. Top of the list this time around is an import tool to migrate your email from another IMAP enabled mail solution to Gmail, so that all that junk you’ve been storing is merged with your new Gmail addy. A new shared address book feature makes adding contacts to your account a little easier. Attachment sizes for Gmail are now 20MB, which is big enough for almost anything but video.
Other Google Apps enhancements are obvious features they should have included ages ago – like mutli-user chats in Google Talk. Google Docs and Spreadsheets now include a feature to create charts, which will be necessary to convert any diehard Excel user. Zoho Office Suite is still kicking Google’s butt in online features for word processing and spreadsheet applications, but Google is finally taking the necessary steps to make their apps a more viable alternative to other office solutions.
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