CD Recovery Toolbox Free – Recover Damaged DVD and CD Media

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There’s nothing worse than losing files, whether it’s hard drive failure, a failed memory card, or a DVD that now reads like a coaster. I recently had someone ask how to recover video from a DVD camcorder disk that failed. CD Recovery Toolbox is the solution I recommend for getting data from almost any damaged or corrupt DVD or CD, because it’s been successful every time I need it. Like most data recovery, there’s no guarantee you’ll get 100% of lost data back, especially if there’s physical damage to the DVD or CD you’re attempting to recover. If there’s a chance you can get data off the DVD, CD Recovery Toolbox will find anything that’s there to see. Even if Windows won’t read the contents of the disk, there’s a good chance CD Recovery Toolbox will find the missing files and save any salvageable lost data. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista $0.00]