Add YouTube videos to PowerPoint

“How can I add a YouTube video to my PowerPoint presentation?”
PowerPoint supports adding many different types of movies, including AVI, MPEG, and Windows Media. YouTube videos, which are Flash FLV files, aren’t directly supported. There are a couple of ways you can add a YouTube video to your PowerPoint slides. One way involves downloading a YouTube video and then converting the video to one of the formats supported by PowerPoint. Downloading the video may be a violation of the YouTube terms of service, so proceed with caution if this is your approach.
If you know your presentation will take place somewhere with an Internet connection, you can embed the YouTube video in your PowerPoint slide following the slightly complicated series of steps outlined below.
The first thing you need to do is enable the Developer menu tab in PowerPoint by opening the PowerPoint options and turning it on. Click the Office icon in the top left corner followed by PowerPoint Options.

On the Popular tab, check the box next to Show Developer tab in the Ribbon and click OK.

Click on the Developer tab on the menu ribbon and click the More Controls button.

Choose Shockwave Flash Object from the list of controls and click OK.

Use your mouse to draw a box on the slide where you want the YouTube video to appear. Right-click the box and choose Properties.

Click on the square with the three dots next to Custom to open the Property Pages for the Shockwave Flash Object you just created in your slideshow.

On the YouTube page with the video you want to add to your slideshow, copy the URL from the sharing area.

Paste the YouTube URL in the box labeled Movie URL on the Property Pages box in PowerPoint.

Make changes to the URL you just pasted, replacing the = with a / and the ? with a / so that they URL looks like the one in the box below:

Preview your slideshow to verify these steps worked and you should see the YouTube video appear in the slide you pasted it in. The video will not appear in PowerPoint edit mode.