How To Recover Passwords

“How can I find my email password? I keep trying to log into my online email account and it says I have an invalid password – what can I do?”
If you tried the password recovery option on the Website for your online email service (whether that service is Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or any other Web mail program) and failed, you may still have an option. There are a number of password recovery applications out there that can often find password information stored on your computer or attempt to detect what your password actually is. They don’t always work, but it’s better to give it a shot than give up if you really need to access your email.
One of the best (although also most complicated) tools for password recovery is Cain & Abel. The software uses network monitoring tools like network sniffing and analyzing routing packets to find passwords. It also attempts to find cached passwords on your computer and will offer the simple solution of revealing a password behind asterisks. There’s no easy way to step through how this works. Your best bet is to download the free Cain & Abel application, read the directions, and get recover your email password.
If you’re using a desktop email application like Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Mail, Cain & Abel can also help in finding passwords for desktop email too.