Tivo Brings Back Lifestime Subscription

One of the best features of Tivo past was the product lifetime subscription offer. Instead of paying a monthly or annual fee, you paid a one-time fee and got service until you replaced your Tivo box. Somewhere along the way, Tivo killed this service option, much to the disappointment of many people. Until 2 February 2008, the lifetime subscription is back for $399. The requirements to qualify are a little confusing, but if you read through the details, it looks like you’ll save a few bucks as a multi-Tivo household.
Here’s the standard Tivo pricing:
1yr (monthly) – $16.95/month
2yr (monthly) – $14.95/month
3yr (monthly) – $12.95/month
1yr (prepay) – $179 (one time)
2yr (prepay) – $279 (one time)
3yr (prepay) – $299 (one time)
Here’s the new discounted Tivo pricing
1yr (monthly) – $12.95/month
1yr (prepay) – $129 (one time)
2yr (prepay) – $249 (one time)
3yr (prepay) – $299 (one time)
Multi-service pricing (up to 5 TiVos)
Multi-service discount – 1yr monthly – $9.95/month
Multi-service discount – 1yr prepay – $99 (one time)
Multi-service discount – lifetime service – $399 (one time)
If you’ve only got one box, the $299 3-year pricing is likely the best way to go, but if you pay monthly, at least you’re getting a better deal. Tivo is pitching this as holiday pricing, whatever it is, we hope they keep it around. More details on the new Tivo Service Pricing available on Tivo.com.