How can I make iTunes rip CDs as MP3s?

“When I rip my CDs with iTunes, the AAC files it creates won’t work in my car’s MP3 CD player. How can I rip CDs as MP3s instead of AAC files?”
Apple defaults to ripping AAC files because that’s the format it encourages iPod owners to use. For maximum compatibility with devices like Sony’s PSP, your car stereo, and even most non-iPod portable media players, MP3 is a safer choice.
To change the way iTunes rips CDs on import, go to Edit > Preferences, click on the Advanced tab, then click on the Importing tab. Choose MP3 Encoder from the drop down menu and click OK.
iTunes MP3 CD ripping
All future files ripped from CD will be MP3 format.
On the Burning tab in the same location, you can change the CD Burning preferences to burn MP3 CDs, although I personally prefer building MP3 CDs with Roxio Easy Media Creator or Roxio Toast.