How to Sync AOL Calendar with Outlook

“I came across your site while searching for an Outlook to AOL calendar sync tool. Do you know of such a product? any info you have would be appreciated.”

If you have a Blackberry or Palm OS device, you can set up something approximating an automatic sync of your AOL calendar and Outlook Calendar by passing data through your mobile device. If you don’t have one of these two phone types, your options are limited to exporting calendar data from AOL or exporting calendar data from Outlook. You then import calendar data to Outlook or import calendar data to AOL, depending on where you exported the data from. Here’s how both of these options work:

Exporting and Importing Data from AOL Calendar to Outlook

In most cases you’ll be stuck exporting data from one calendar application into the other calendar application (or dumping AOL calendar and going with something that does sync with Outlook). Here you choose which calendar to export from and then import the data into the other calendar. If you’re exporting from AOL Calendar, here’s what the process looks like.
From your AOL mail interface, click on your calendar. Go to the Action menu above the calendar and choose Export.

Choose the dates on your calendar you want to export and click the Export button. Save this file somewhere you can easily find it, like your Desktop.

In Outlook, switch to the calendar view and choose Import and Export from the File menu.

Find the .ics file you exported from your AOL Calendar on your computer and import it into Outlook When finished, all your AOL Calendar items will appear in Outlook.

If you need to go from your Outlook calendar to your AOL Calendar, you can export your calendar from Outlook and use the import action in your AOL Calendar to put the data in your AOL Calendar.

You may also want to Sync your Google Calendar with Outlook.

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