Driver Magician Lite

Download Driver Magician Lite
One of my least favorite aspects of re-installing Windows is figuring out where all the driver disks or driver download websites are for my various hardware components. Even if you have a stock system from somewhere like Dell or HP, there’s a certain amount of time involved in acquiring the latest drivers after a re-install. Driver Magician Lite helps speed up that process by backing up all the drivers for your hardware in a way that makes it easy to keep all those drivers in one place before you re-install your operating system. It automatically detects which drivers are built into Windows, so you don’t get any redundancy, just drivers that are unique to hardware components. There’s also a commercial version of Driver Magician which does some cool things like checking for updates and building an .exe installer of all the drivers it backs up, which greatly speeds the re-installation process. [Windows 9x/XP/2k/Vista/7/8 $0.00]