What is NMIndexStoreSvr.exe

“I have something called NMIndexStoreSvr.exe on my computer that routinely uses at least 50% of my CPU and at least 30% of my PC’s Memory. I don’t remember seeing this until recently. Do I need NMIndexStoreSvr.exe? Is NMIndexStoreSvr.exe a virus?”

Fortunately, NMIndexStoreSvr.exe is not a virus. It’s part of the Nero Scout utility included as part of all versions of Nero Ultra Edition from 7 on. Nero Scout scans your computer for media files and adds them to a catalog, in theory making it easier for you to use them with Nero later. Unfortunately, the folks at Nero didn’t do the one thing other similar indexing services do right – only run the indexing service when your computer is idle. This really gets in the way when you are trying to do any other computing task that needs system resources. I personally haven’t found a use for the Nero Scout service and turned it off rather than hassling with it running in the background on a regular basis, because I have other tools that effectively index files on my computer. Turning the process off is relatively simple.

Launch Nero Scout by click Start > All Programs > Nero 7 (or 8) Ultra Edition > Tools > Nero Scout.

Uncheck the box next to Enable Nero Scout. Click OK.

Screen showing where to disable Nero scout

You may have to reboot your computer to completely turn this off.