Convert WMV to MP3 or WMA

“How can I convert a WMV video file to an MP3 or WMA that I can listen to on my Sansa MP3 player?”
As with most media conversion problems, I recommend using free video converter WinFF. The app is among the most reliable solutions I’ve found for converting between all kinds of media formats. It’s generally very fast at stripping the audio out of a video and converting it to WMA or MP3. WinFF is also one of the only truly cross-platform solutions for video and audio file conversion, with support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Before you can convert your WMV files to MP3 or WMA, you need to download WinFF and install it. Once WinFF is installed, open the application to start converting WMV files.
Converting WMV to MP3 or WMA with WinFF
Most media conversion is a simple 4-step process. Converting WMV to MP3 is just as easy. Simply follow the steps below:
1) Add the WMV files you want to convert to WinFF.
2) Choose Audio from the Convert to… menu.
3) Select MP3 from the Device Preset list.
4) Start Converting.
convert WMV video to MP3 audio
If you want to convert the files to WMA instead of MP3, simply select WMA in the Device Preset list instead of choosing MP3 in the steps above. In both cases a black window will appear during the conversion process and will run until conversion completes. The length of time required to convert a file varies depending on how long the file is.