c64.com Immortalizes the Commodore 64

Many of my first computing joys and frustrations took place on a Commodore 64 connected to an old 19-inch CRT. I learned how to write programs, simultaneously learning that typing the wrong lines produced either infinite loops or syntax errors. I played games that rivaled many of the early consoles from Nintendo and Atari (after taking forever to load). CNN is currently running an interview with Andreas Walstrom, founder of c64.com, about the upcoming 25th anniversary of the C64 and it’s impact on computing. c64.com is a gem of a site for those of us nostalgic for the days when computing was much simpler. Games and utilities for the C64 can still be found there, along with keeping your old machine in working order (if you still have one.
If the C64 was part of your early computing experience, raise a pint of your favorite beverage and toast 25 years of computing progress.