Most Popular Questions of 2007

A great deal of my writing is driven directly by questions I get from you. Sometimes my answers help the asker and a handful of other people. Less frequently a question comes up that helps a huge number of people solve a common problem. The 10 articles listed here are the 10 most read questions and answers of 2007. Interestingly none of the questions were asked in 2007, all originally appeared sometime in 2005 or 2006.
Apparently the open source version of Real’s format remains one of the most frustrating files on the Internet. Playing and converting RMVB was consistently among the most read articles of 2007.
1) How to Play RMVB Files.
2) How to convert RMVB files
3) How to Change the Windows XP Boot Screen continues to be a popular solution a year after the commecrial release of Windows Vista.
4) How to copy song from your iPod to Windows to backup your music or transfer songs to a new computer is also the #2 most read topic of Christmas day 2007.
5) How to sync Google Calendar with Outlook is still not as easy as it should be, although there are several more ways to do it than there were when I originally published the article.
6) How to automatically start YouTube Video Playback is apparently one of the most common things people who share YouTube videos on the Web want to know.
7) Streaming DivX files to your Xbox 360 got easier with the December 4, 2007 Dashboard update, but remains popular.
8) How to sync an iPod with Windows Media Player is the most read article on Christmas day, 2007 and something many people try to do instead of using iTunes. For the record, I’m syncing my iPod with iTunes.
9) How to play OGM files is not nearly as popular as playing RMVB, but remains popular enough to make the top 10 for 2007.
10) How to add YouTube videos to MySpace might rank higher on the list, but it appears with two variations so the more popular of the two lands solidly at #10 on the list.