Lifextender – Media Center Commercial Removal

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While it’s still mere rumor that in 20 years we can all choose to live forever, Lifextender promises to give Windows Vista Media Center users a new lease on the life they currently have. As a background application for the Vista version of Media Center, Lifextender automatically strips commercials from programming, saving you about 15 minutes for every hour of television you watch. If you were already fast forwarding through commercials via a hack, you can still save more time by removing them altogether. It also does a respectable job of removing duplicate recordings when Media Center screws up and flags a re-run as a new episode. So far this thing looks to be a huge timesaver. You can integrate Lifextender as a Media Center add-in or simply run it in standalone mode. For shows you don’t want to edit, a configurable set of rules lets you avoid specific shows. [Vista Premium/Ultimate $0.00]