Ultraportable Affordable Laptops

I picked up an Asus EEE PC to provide a highly portable solution for when I need access to check on my online world (the one that pays my bills). At under $400 it’s a great solution for simple tasks like checking server status, making a post or two, reading and responding to email, and even some light photo and video editing. People who have seen me with the EEE PC asked my why I chose it over the OLPC laptop being pushed by the One Laptop Per Child folks. The photos on Toni Schneider’s blog tell a good portion of the story – the OLPC is too big for what I want.

Comparing MacBook OLPC and EEE PC

The OLPC price is right in theory, as they were running a special where you could get 2 for $400 with one donated to the One Laptop Per Child program. But this was a business purchase decision – I needed something that fit in the same bag I pack my cameras when I’m traveling. The OLPC won’t cut it. I’m also not sold on the rubbery keys and Teletubbies design, but that might be a personal thing.


  1. I realize this goes against the philosophy but I would sell every laptop I have if the eeePC had a Firewire port.

  2. At CES I was with Kevin Toefel of JK on the Run blog. He had installed XP on the EEE because of driver issues, we put ActiveWords on it, ran great. And worked wonderfully!
    Not a perfect device, but it worked pretty well,particularly given price/performaance, etc. and as you pointed out size!

  3. I’m really encouraged by what I’ve read of the EEE micro-notebook. What I consider even more encouraging is that the public response to these ultraportables is bound to spark development from other PC vendors. So, I’m anxious to see how the big guys (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc.) will respond both to the demand for notebooks of this size and to notebooks within this price range.
    I’m quite impressed by some of the hardware innovations that I’ve read of the OLPC notebook, but I suspect that for most of us folks who’re reading your posts, the lack of Windows-based OS is kinduva dealbreaker…

  4. It is a really great little Ultra Compact PC. I use it for Internet access when away from the office. I am also looking at VPN options to be able to remotely log in to the office with sonicwall vpn client, but may have to use XP instead of Xandros Linux.
    All in all a great little system.

  5. I love mine, I hate mine. Some of the software was not on it. I can fry eggs on the back of it. If you have a card inserted, every time it boots the card screen comes up.

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