Corinex GameNet – Powerline Ethernet

I’m currently getting enough interference on the wireless connection in my house that I wanted a better solution for connecting my Xbox 360 to my network. Corinex sent me one of their GameNet units to review and so far I’m reasonably impressed. You basically connect one of them to a wall outlet near your game console, with the other connected to a power outlet near your router. Ethernet cable connects the hardware to your network and you’re in business routing network traffic over the power lines in your house. Since connecting the GameNet hardware, video clips that used to occasionally buffer over wireless now consistently play smoothly, even when streaming them from a wirelessly connected computer. If your broadband modem and any of the computers or game consoles you want to network are on separate floors of the house, this is a highly effective way to get your network connection to the places you need it most without any rewiring or fighting wireless signal drop out. At $169.99 for the 2-outlet, 2-cable package, I think you might have better luck buying a competing Ethernet over Powerline solution from ebay. That said, I’m giving a strong recommend to this type of solution for anyone who has several PCs or game consoles spread out throughout their house. Watch the video below to see how it all works:

By Jake

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