How to Record Webcam Videos

“What is a good free program I can use to record videos from my Web cam?”
There are a number of good free tools for recording Webcam videos, but most of them come up short of the results you get for paying a small amount of money. You can use Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, but you get better results if you download apps geared specifically for recording a portion of the screen, like the video chat in Windows Live, Yahoo, etc. My favorite solution is no longer available, so I’m updating my recommendation to download liteCam, which is free for 30 days and records webcam videos incredibly well.

In addition to recording any portion of your screen, including the webcam video in a chat window, liteCam will also record the audio from your chat window too. liteCam saves your webcam videos as AVI files, which you can then edit in free video tools like Windows Movie Maker, or you can upload the videos to Youtube and other video sharing sites. Another cool feature of liteCam is the ability to set a timer to record a webcam or online video for a specific period of time.
How to Record Webcam Videos with liteCam
After you install liteCam, you’ll need to do some basic configuration to set the record window to the size you want to record, then start recording the screen where the webcam is playing.
If you want to record videos from your own webcam, I suggest using an app called Eyejot, which is free for most uses.