Google Apps Emails Me Spam

I’ve been jumping through the hoops to get Google Apps configured to handle my email instead of hosting it on my own server. In the long run I think Google Apps or something else like it will serve me better. I had a false start at configuring the mail service about a month ago when I ran into a DNS issue I couldn’t figure out. The DNS issue is my own fault due to a quirk in the configuration, but remains a hurdle in making this switch a smooth one.
Somehow, despite my inability to route mail to the Google Apps mail service, I still managed to get a spam message in my inbox, which suggests that the renowned anti-spam defenses used to protect Gmail are maybe not as robust as Google claims them to be. This almost smacks of an inside job – someone exploiting the inner workings of the Gmail system, as according to Google, my MX records were never set properly to receive mail through their service, yet somehow this one message made it through anyway.

Hopefully I’ll get the new MX settings resolved here shortly and if not, it will explain my email silence for the hours to come.