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Stupid Software Updates

If I buy a software application as a download, why would there ever be an update to that software available 30 seconds after I download. Case in point – I just updated my Quicken and TurboTax software in preparation to get my taxes done. This wasn’t the retail box from Best Buy, this was a download from the Intuit Website. Moments after I get the software installed, it checks for an update and upgrades me from build 5 to build 6. Shouldn’t the download for sale in the store be the latest build?
I understand updating the software and fixing bugs – awesome, I’m glad the software continues to get improved. But making me download it twice? That’s stupid. Intuit isn’t the only company guilty of this kind of idiocy. Not too long ago I downloaded a Microsoft product that needed updating immediately after download. I’ve downloaded media editing suites that have similar practices. My time has value. Waiting for something twice is a waste of my time (not to mention your bandwidth).

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