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If you use Ctrl+C more than a couple of times daily, you really need a clipboard manager. I happen to really like ClipMagic, because in addition to storing the text I copy, it also stores the URL I got it from (if it came from a Web page), offers handy categories for clipboard items, and makes it a snap to recall previously copied text. ClipMagic saves tons of time for things like sending similar messages to multiple recipients via email. It’s especially handy for recalling something you copied a few Ctrl+C combos back, because you won’t have to track down that text again as you do with a standard Ctrl+C operation. ClipMagic also includes a handy feature that lets you merge two copied items together. For personal use ClipMagic is totally free making it hard to pass up. If you use it for business, the $20 it costs will be made up in increased productivity. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista $0.00]
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