How to Magnify Windows in Windows

“When you go to System Config Utility > Startup it’s difficult to read everything because the box is small. There’s a shortcut to enlarge that dialog box so you can see everything in it. What’s the shortcut on the keyboard?”
I’m not aware of a keyboard shortcut that will enlarge the System Configuration Utility, but you can turn on the Magnify function built into Windows. You can get most of the way there using the Windows key+U shortcut which launches the Windows accessibility interface. From there it’s a single click to turn on the Magnify tool, which zooms the area around your mouse pointer. This is handy for interfacing with dialog boxes, but for some other magnification functions, I prefer another tool that’s free from Microsoft.
The tool I like better for on screen magnification is ZoomIt, which is available from Sysinternals via the Microsoft TechNet site. After downloading and launching ZoomIt, you configure the shortcut you want to use to turn it on. You can then magnify your screen and use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out as need to see the screen better. This comes in handy if you have failing eyesight or simply for reading Web pages that have fixed fonts that don’t conform to the options in your browser for making them larger.
ZoomIt also includes some handy annotation tools for “drawing” on the screen and making notes when you want to call attention to a particular segment of the screen.