Kwiry – Cell Phone as Backup Brain

David Geller of video email service, Eyejot, tipped me off to a cool new service for anyone with a cell phone. If you have text messaging on your phone, but never found it useful, go sign up for Kwiry and you will change your tune. Kwiry’s tagline, ‘text it before you forget it’ sums up the service perfectly. When you run across something you need to remember while you’re away from home or away from your desk, whether it’s something to research or the perfect gift for your spouse’s birthday, simply send a text message to Kwiry from your phone. Kwiry stores the message, does a Google search, Amazon lookup, and several other searches against the message text. Back at your computer you sign on to your Kwiry account with all that information at your fingertips. You can subscribe to your ‘Kwirys’ with an RSS reader so that they are readily available in your favorite reader. The service also supports categorizing Kwirys as tasks.
Like most new Web services, there’s a semi-social component where you can share your Kwirys with the world (or only with your friends), which might be useful for a kind of group collaboration. If you’re still optimizing your personal productivity system, Kwiry is definitely a great addition to the toolkit. The key missing feature is the ability to send a camera phone image along with the text so you’ve got the visual cue that went with your text.