Tell Your Story to Win a Dragon

John Obeto from is the first of the 31 bloggers giving away one of the HP HDX Dragon computer bundles. You have until May 8 to participate in John’s giveaway, which simply requires you to write a short story about how the Dragon will change your computing experience. In John’s words:

Simple: I need a story.
Tell me how this elegant desktop-replacement system will enhance your entertainment options.
Inform the world how this fantastic and totally decked-out system will bring up your productivity, and mobile gaming.
Finally, reveal to all how HP and this game-changing device will make your world better!
While I like a well-written treatise as much as the other guy, please don’t write me a dissertation.
Be concise, be creative, be funny, can the sob stories, be funny!

More details at .

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By Jake

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