Digital Home Thoughts and giveaway HP HDX Dragon PCs

Ian Dixon, author of Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center, writes some of the best stuff on home media center computing. He’s just annouced his 31 Days of the Dragon giveaway, but he’s being a bit sneaky. The computer and accessories pack is the same $5k+ bundle as each of the 30 other giveaways, you’ll just have to work a bit to find out how to get it.
Digital Home Thoughts makes their giveaway much more clear. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and comment on their YouTube video (embedded below), in order to enter. Even if you don’t win, it’s worth subscribing for some great content on numerous tech topics. Full details of the giveaway are here.
If you’re keeping score, AbsoluteVista announced their winner, who entered a great short story to win.

By Jake

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