How to Install a Toilet

I got burned out on floor installations after finishing the hardwood throughout most of the house and opted to hire someone to install the the remaining bathroom floor. The installers were going to tack on an extra charge to remove the toilet in the bathroom and expect me to hire a plumber to put it back. This seemed a little silly considering how easy removing and installing a toilet is in general. To remove the toilet, you basically just need to make sure the water to the toilet is shut off, you get all the water out of the toilet bowl and toilet basin, and you carefully remove the toilet from the floor by removing the floor bolts and breaking the caulking seal around the bottom of the toilet.
Installing the toilet is just as easy – you scrape the remains of the old wax ring from the flange on the floor and from the horn on the bottom of the toilet. Seat a new wax ring on the toilet, then carefully place the toilet over the floor bolts and tighten back in place. Connect the water, check for leaks and you’re back in business.
Here’s a video showing you all the steps of both removal and replacement:
At the same time, I decided to also swap out the flapper valve on our other toilet because the old one frequently required jiggling the handle to make it stop running. My friend Tim Carter of Ask the Builder has a great video on this if you don’t already know how to do it: