Azada – Puzzle Game of 2007 for under $1

Azada promo discount I realize that 2007 is long gone by now, but if you haven’t tried the 2007 Puzzle Game of the Year, here’s your chance to get it for a song (assuming you already pay .99 for music). All you need is the discount code AZADA99 when you checkout for a great deal on a game that normally costs $19.99. The premise of Azada is the adventurous Titus is trapped in a haunted room by his great-uncle. Titus needs your help to release him from the magical spell. To do this, you must solve the most mysterious puzzles of Azada. A little cheesy, yes, but the puzzles are a great challenge and you really can’t go wrong for $0.99. The catch, this offer ends on August 15, so the clock is ticking.
You can see a video demo of the game before you order, or you can order the game immediately. The order page is a little confusing, you actually want to choose the $19.99 option, click next, and then enter AZADA99 on the next page.
And if you get stuck, you can always get the Azada strategy and walk-through guide.