Best Buy Premier Black – Consumer Electronics Baller Status?

Apparently buying tons of consumer electronics at Best Buy translates to a better class of Reward Zone membership. Premier Black strikes me as a nod to the ultimate Amex Black card (immortalized in a number of hip hop songs); a card associated with an unlimited line of credit for those with deep enough pockets to pay it back. Premier Black does offer a few benefits, although not nearly as many as Amex. According to the membership announcement I received, in addition to the Premier Silver benefits of:
Free shipping at
45-day extended return policy
Point banking and Premier-only Awards Catalog
Free home theater consultation and $100 discount on future home theater purchase.
There’s also the following benefits:
More Reward Zone points for purchases (which basically means bringing the program back to the original benefits).
Exclusive shopping services (a currently undefined entity)
Personal attention from the Reward Zone (translation, ‘how can we keep you happily spending more money with Best Buy?’)
Premier Black Concierge (if only this helped me get prime seating at shows and restaurants)
Of course without a business dedicated to solving consumer electronics problems, I wouldn’t need most of the stuff I purchase at Best Buy.