September Laptop Giveaway Results

As those reading my newsletter know, I announced I was giving away a Toshiba Laptop in September. Due to a number of circumstances beyond my control I didn’t get a chance to announce the winner until today. If you weren’t subscribed to my newsletter, get subscribed so you have a shot at the iPod Touch I’m giving away on 31 October 2008. I’m making this one easy, the only requirement is to be a subscriber of the newsletter. On to the laptop giveaway…
Surprisingly few people sent me emails saying they’d completed the required steps for this month’s giveaway. Quite simply, you needed to be subscribed to the newsletter and link to from somewhere (I suggested your blog, facebook, myspace, a forum, or someplace similar), then let me know where you linked from. By the time all the submissions were received, the people that did this had a better than 1 in 100 chance of being the new owner of the laptop. I’m assuming you all must already have too many computers. 😉 The randomly selected winner is Wayne H., who does some pretty amazing handcrafted woodworking. Congrats to Wayne! Those of you who are subscribers to the newsletter will have a chance to be the recipient of the iPod Touch annouced on 31 October 2008.

By Jake

Jake blog's many places on a variety of topics, including travel, tech, baseball, and writing. You can read more of his technology articles on Delighted Robot. Jake occasionally posts about great food at Daily Munch.

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