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Jumpcut – Free online video editing and sharing

YouTube seems to be the unstoppable force of online video. Everyone I know who makes online video realizes they have to post a version of their videos to YouTube if they expect to get a meaningful number of viewers. One thing YouTube hasn’t got is a convenient mechanism for editing your uploads. This is where services like Yahoo’s Jumpcut show some potential. Jumpcut supports editing photos and video together. You can add titles and audio. A limited set of effects and transitions are available. For most basic edits, you can get a pretty decent looking video with Jumpcut. Would I trade my desktop video editor for Jumpcut? No. But if I had a video I wanted to post online Jumpcut could definitely get the job done. Now if only Yahoo would implement a publish to YouTube button from Jumpcut…

UPDATE: Jumpcut was acquired by Yahoo! in 2006. In 2009, the company shut down the remainder of the service.

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