How to Play AVCHD Camcorder Movies in Windows Media Player

“Is there any way to play the movies from my AVCHD Camcorder in Windows Media Player? I keeps saying something about not finding a codec.”
You can play AVCHD and other AVC h.264 files in Windows Media Player, but in order to do so you must purchase some additional software first. Windows Media Player supports many file formats through third-party solutions, AVCHD happens to be one of these that isn’t supported as part of the core application.

To play AVCHD files with Windows Media Player the software you need is
Cyberlink’s HD-264 Pack. The HD-264 Pack also adds AVCHD support to Cyberlink PowerDVD 6 and 7 Standard editions, which means you won’t need to upgrade to PowerDVD Ultra to add support for AVCHD playback for either of those applications.
Order before February 6, 2009 using coupon code:QV4NAUF5Z and you’ll save 50% off the standard price of the HD-264 Pack.