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How to Get a Free Kindle 2

As I indicated in my newsletter earlier this month, I’m giving away one Kindle 2 at the end of April. I try to come up with creative ways to give away these various hardware devices and this time is no exception. There are two requirements to participate:
1) You must be subscribed to my newsletter on 1 May 2009 when I announce the recipient of the Kindle 2.
2) Between now and 30 April 2009, you need to write about your favorite worthy cause in a blog post or some other public way. Talk about what the cause is and why they need help. Be sure to link to the Website of your cause. Many non-profit organizations are suffering during the economic downturn we’re going through. Raising awareness will make a difference. After writing about your cause, email me a link to where you wrote about it. The cause you choose is entirely up to you. It may be a fund raiser for a school in your community through Donor’s Choose; you might promote clean water for a community somewhere; you may raise awareness about a program to help people get food and medical care they need; or you may opt to promote something else entirely. If you do not have an online space like a blog, facebook or myspace page, or somewhere else to promote your cause, you can write about it in the comments below (comments will close 30 April 2009).
The recipient of the Kindle 2 will be announced in the 1 May 2009 issue of the newsletter.

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