Callwave Ends Vtxt Voicemail Transcription Service

In January 2008 I tested and disliked the Callwave voicemail transcription feature. From my own testing, the quality of Callwave Vtxt didn’t compare to the far superior PhoneTag (formerly known as SimulScribe). 15 months later, Callwave is ending free transcription as part of their enhanced voicemail solution. Here’s the notice I received from Callwave this morning:

Dear CallWave Customer,
Thank you for using our Vtxt service. It has been our pleasure providing you service and hope you have enjoyed it.
We’re in the midst of restructuring the services we offer and the free transcription feature is no longer cost effective for our company. We regret to inform you that effective immediately this feature is not available and you will no longer receive voicemail transcriptions. You will still receive your enhanced voicemail, the ability to screen you mobile calls, save mobile minutes, manage your messages online and import/export your personal contacts.
If you choose to terminate your account due to this change in service please call 866-470-1989.
Thank you,
CallWave Inc.

If you are currently using the voicemail transcription feature of Callwave, you might try PhoneTag as a replacement.