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Back-to-School Laptops Lineup from HP

One of my more recent projects has been work on creating a series of videos for HP, providing education about key product features. In the first of these videos, I walk through features of their back-to-school lineup of notebook computers, including the Pavilion dv6, Pavilion dv2 and Mini 110 line. I do not currently own any of these units, although I do have a dv2 on loan from HP and love it. I spent enough time with each of the three notebooks to feel confident in recommending all three for a number of use cases as back-to-school options for college students. I have previously purchased Pavilion dv5 and HP Mini 1000 line computers and use both almost every day. Watch the video for a quick rundown of notebook features.

HP Pavilion dv6 features:

More info on Pavilion dv6
HP Pavilion dv2 features:

More info on Pavilion dv2
HP Mini 110 features:

More info on HP Mini 110
Disclosure: As I pointed out, I was paid by HP for this and several other videos. Even if they hadn’t paid me, I’d feel confident in recommending these three notebooks (and most other HP notebooks) because as I’ve said in the past, HP, Apple, and Lenovo (when it was the IBM ThinkPad division) are the only three laptop brands I haven’t managed to experience hardware problems with over long periods of ownership.

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