Porting Fax Number to new Internet Fax Service

“I’m thinking about switching from my current Internet fax service to a new fax solution. Is there any way I can port my fax number the way I did with my cell phone when I switched from Verizon to AT&T?”
I mentioned switching from eFax to MyFax not too long ago. The one thing I couldn’t do was take my eFax number with me. The rules for number portability with online fax services are different than the FCC number portability rules that apply to cell phones.

When you sign up for an online fax service, you’re basically agreeing to lease the line from the service provider for the length of your contract. When the contract ends, so does your ability to use the number. I have heard of a few people who talked their provider in to letting them take a number with them when they changed services, but for most of the services a lack of number portability is a way to keep you as a customer longer.
If your primary motivation for switching services is price, the best workaround I know of is to call your current fax service and tell them you want to switch. They will very likely offer to drop your current rate, possibly offer you a credit for service you already paid for, and generally bend over backward to try and keep your business.
If you are definitely committed to switching, my best recommendation is to keep your old service open for about 30 days as you notify others of your new fax number and assume that you might have to remind a few people down the road.