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Red Eye to Boston

I’m currently camped out in the Seattle airport preparing for an overnight flight to Boston for the Shareware Industry Conference, where I’ll be speaking on how to use video to reduce support costs. I’m excited to see many of the familiar faces I know from the shareware world, but since this is my first trip to the Boston area, I’m hoping some of you will have some suggestions for things to see or do while I’m in town. Fenway Park would have been near the top of my list, but with the Red Sox on the road I’m not sure that’s worth it. I’m considering making their Pawtucket, RI farm team one of my stops instead, having seen them play the Iowa Cubs a few times when I still lived in Des Moines. I will likely save the historical spots for a summer when we can take the kids, so I’m especially interested in anything that’s unique to Boston.

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