Seattle – Bainbridge Island Ferry Crashes into Seattle Terminal

The fog was thick for this morning’s 10:35am sailing of the Wenatchee from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. From my usual spot in the galley area, I occasionally glanced up from my Kindle to look out the window, only to be greeted with a thick gray cloud in my field of vision. As we got near shore on the Seattle side, I suddenly saw Ivar’s zipping past at a speed considerably faster than what I’d normally expect for the morning commute. The ferry gave 5 short blasts on the horn to indicate imminent collision, followed by a loud bang and a jolt to the ferry. Down the aisle someone shouted for a doctor on board.
I went out on the front of the ferry to see what happened. All things considered, the damage looks minor, as you can see in the pictures here. As far as I can tell only one woman was injured and the resulting injuries appeared to be minor.
Seattle Ferry Terminal Collision Damage

By Jake

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