Movable Type MTOS entry_listing for non-Index Pagination error

If you use the pagination feature built in to MTOS or Movable Type Pro, you might have encountered the dreaded Template must have identifier entry_listing for non-Index archive types error. This error is most likely if you have old templates upgraded from MT3, or if you have created an archive template and then changed the way you use the template.
The solution requires modifying the MySQL database entry for the template. Using your favorite method for modifying a database (command line or phpMyAdmin work equally well), you need to edit the properties for the template you want to paginate. Template data is stored in the mt_template table in your MT database. After identifying the template_id (as well as the template_blog_id) you need to change the value of template_identifier from NULL or any other value to entry_listing. The result will be a Movable Type archive template capable of pagination.