A Coupon Discount for Anything?

I like spending less for the things I need, which means I’m willing to look for a coupon or holdout for a sale before purchasing. When I found an opportunity to reduce the price of my recent refrigerator purchase by $96, it made sense to go for it. This was in addition to an existing offer for free delivery and disposal of my existing fridge. The reason I’m telling you about this is there are discounts available on all kinds of purchases that can easily be added on top of any coupon or sale at stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and clothing retailers like Old Navy.
The key to increasing your buying power is gift cards. Plastic Jungle is an online service that sells gift cards at a discount from face value, allowing you to instantly get more purchasing power for each dollar spent. When it came time to buy my new fridge, I went to Plastic Jungle, ordered $1600 worth of Best Buy gift cards for $1504 and waited for them to arrive in the mail. I could have used the gift cards for a new HDTV or a computer, but what I needed was a new fridge. Upon arrival, I made my purchase with the gift cards instantly reducing the cost of my new appliance purchase.
Restaurant gift cards seem to offer the biggest discounts at Plastic Jungle, although there are also deals to be had on auto fuel from places like Shell and BP, as well as on hotel and rental cars. As I write this, Plastic Jungle is currently offering a 5% discount on face value for Best Buy gift cards, but a few of the other gift card options rates are better than when I was initially looking, so it literally pays to check back. So before make your next purchase of anything, check Plastic Jungle to see if it can save you money – chances are it will.