GMapCatcher – Offline Map Viewer

One of the big disadvantages of having all the best mapping tools stored online is that you can’t access them when you are offline. I have more access to Internet connectivity than the average person and I still find myself disconnected at the most inconvenient of times. The solution – download the maps you need so that you have them when you can’t connect. GMapCatcher is a free app for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that does just that. You can download Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and a couple other maps I’ve never heard of, making them all accessible offline. Zooming in on the map works, as does re-centering. GPS support is built-in. When you save a map you can re-sync it later so that the map on your hard drive doesn’t get out dated. A variety of languages are supported, making this a fairly global offline mapping solution.

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By Jake

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