Where to buy an iPad

iPad If you’re looking to buy an iPad but don’t have an Apple Store in your area, there are plenty of other locations where you might be able to track one down.
The easiest solution is to simply order an iPad direct from Apple online. Apple has hardware in stock and will be the most direct source for purchasing an iPad. If you don’t want to buy online a couple of other solutions are available.
Best Buy stores around the country are stocking iPad hardware in limited quantities. The trick is finding an iPad in stock because they tend to sell out quickly. For most products Best Buy offers a great service of allowing you to buy online and pickup an electronics in the nearest store, but Apple doesn’t permit them to do this for the iPad. I still recommend using the BestBuy.com Store Locator feature to check for availability before driving to the store.
A third option is to find an Apple Service Provider near your location. Some of these service providers are also selling iPads, which means you may be able to pick one up.