Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 Giveaway

It’s time for the summer giveaway and it’s a big one. This time around I’m giving away a fully loaded Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 with two Lenovo ThinkVision L2250p monitors. If you haven’t worked from a dual-monitor setup you’re really missing out. While Lenovo is largely know for the ThinkPad line they also make some solid business workstations too. This A63 comes loaded with Windows 7 Professional. While I’ve been testing these monitors out on loan, they are among my favorites for regular usage to the point I plan on replacing my existing setup with Lenovo’s slightly larger ThinkVision L2440p model.

The Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 tower computer I’m giving away courtesy of Lenovo and AMD is designed for the small business. The processor is a mulit-core AMD Athlon II processor, it’s got 2GB of RAM and should be able to handle most common office functions. Integrated video is the ATI Radeon HD3000 DX10, which has enough horse power to playback HD video, but you might consider adding a video card if you were going to edit HD movies. Other features include a 250GB SATA hard drive, DVD RW drive, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Gigabit Ethernet, Realtek audio, plenty of USB 2.0 ports, and all the standard PC ports. Prices start at $389 for the Lenovo ThinkCentre A63. The two L2250p monitors support 1680×1050 native resolution.
So how can you get this great small business workstation for use in your own office? Two steps are required to enter:
Step 1: Subscribe to my email newsletter, Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle.
Step 2: Leave a comment on this post talking about how you will use the new computer. Be sure to use the same email address when commenting as you do when you subscribe so that your entry can be verified.
Note: If you are already subscribed to the newsletter simply complete step 2.
The recipient of the A63 package will be selected at random from all entrants sometime after midnight Pacific time on 12 July 2010. You must be a subscriber of the newsletter and have left a comment by that time in order to qualify.
Best of Luck!

By Jake

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  1. I’d use this as a kitchen/home office system. The all-in-one design makes it an ideal counter-top pc for searching for recipes, watching cooking shows, paying bills online while dinner is cooking and other similar tasks.

  2. I would use this to replace my current computer, which is a dell netbook. I would then be able to work on my 3D modeling at home, instead of at school, and the dual monitors would be great for multitasking.

  3. 2 monitors would be great for building websites, working with Actionscript 3. I could have Flash CS5 open in one screen and search in google for code examples and play with html in the other monitor.
    Not to mention having more real estate to have tweetdeck and music players and msn accessible. Now that would be cool 🙂
    Fingers crossed.

  4. I’d give it to my two sons to share as there old P.C. is on it’s last legs and very very sloooow .

  5. Hi Jake
    You know, I could sure use a new laptop for my daughter who is an aspiring graphic designer without the capital necessary to really get her business going with the necessary tools.
    I enjoy your newsletter Jake; great work!
    Now…for the “short” straw 🙂

  6. Hi Jake-
    Cool idea! I’ve given away some things on my blog, but never as cool as this one from you.
    I am training real estate agents and other small businesses on using technology and social tools to grow their businesses. I am constantly switching back and forth between computers because what I need is invariably not on the screen that I am looking at. A dual monitor set up would solve that…and the new Lenovo could replace my ancient white box XP machine!

  7. I would use the new machine to update the outdated computer that is used to run our non-profit business where we do not take a salary. My wife writes books and records her teachings. After editing the audio recordings we create audio cd’s, upload radio shows, accounting, etc. The proceeds go to help homeless shelters like the Open Door Mission and other ministries.

  8. hello, I think the best use of a new computer for me would be to have a travel computer. Just bought a new vacation house and only have a desktop pc . It would be nice…

  9. I would give the equipment to my daughter, a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama. She has started an aggressive education project for the children in outlying villages, and recently had the only computer available to her crash. This would give a big boost to her efforts.

  10. I currently use two screens, one on laptop and one on external monitor. At first I thought it was a gimmick. However, after using it for 3 years… it’s amazing how much more you get done, since you can see more of your work at once. You don’t spend as much time switching between application.

  11. blogfullybarb – TX – Hi!!! Barb here...owner/writer @ Blogfully.net. I'm wife to a taxidermist, and mother to three outrageously rambunctious kids (ages 8, 9 & 18). I'm a stay at home mom by choice, and a blogger by surprise. I'm your typical fun loving, happy-go-lucky person...but probably the most hyperly enthusiastic gal you'll ever meet...you'll see!
    barbarabaker says:

    Hi Jake…it’s been a while!
    I would love to win this computer for the entire family to enjoy. Having three kids in school, a husband that works on the web- through ‘some’ social networking and myself…working to write; a new computer would be fabulous! Our family would use it for all things good- I promise!!!! Just a bunch of games, searching the web and emailing friends. Trust me, it’d get used over and over and over again…
    PS- I’m a long time subsriber…just saying 😉

  12. Hi, I always enjoy your newsletter. Thanks for the offer of a new pc, my 3 teenage kids have taken over every pc in the house and always have homework, or some other near life threatening excuse not to stop doing what they are doing on line. My old AMD2000 is in a sorry state and to be able to replace it with the system you have would be so good. Thanks again keep up the good work.

  13. Hey Jake thanks for the newsletter. I’m trying out Google Voice as well, only with my current number. I really like the voicemail in my email, but the transcribing still needs some work. Pretty entertaining to send the messages back to the person who left it. “How did you do that?!?”

  14. I’d set up the monitors with a KVM switch, so I could use it for fun ( the A63 ) and my Lenovo work laptop – it would be so nice to have the two screens so I could have more things visible at once. Great idea.

  15. How would I use this new computer? For everything! For starters, it would replace an existing XP desktop. As mentioned by others, it would be great for editting webpages, as I have a half-dozen sites I look after. When not doing that, I think I would keep Outlook open on one screen while doing other work on the second.

  16. I subscribed and look forward to reading your newsletter. If I were lucky enough to win it would be replacing my near death home system. My wife and yougest son would really appreciate a newer system so they can do the things they do on line and creatively better and faster. I’d appreciate not having to listen to them gripe about the poor old out dated system. Getting tired of saying to my youngest “When I was you age we used pencil and paper and the library!” I don’t think he really cares! LOL

  17. I am a long-time subscriber. Were I to win this excellent piece of hardware, I would use it in my music production studio for editing my original compositions.

  18. I’m the gear head in the family. Tech support to an extended family of 60+ and growing. Network issues, hardware issues, software issues, I get the call. “Is the power on in the house?”, “no that isn’t a cup holder”, “reboot the machine”, you know the drill. Right now I’m helping out with the current generation of laptops, desktops, Apples and iPhone/iPod/iPad/iEtc. While I putz around with a 5 yr old 1.8ghz single core workhorse rockin’ Windows XP Pro. I’d like to be back on top of the technology pyramid. I’d love the twin monitor displays, the newer processor, 2GB RAM and I’ll tweak it up to gaming/IT support excellence.

  19. I already receive your email newsletter.
    If I was lucky enough to win I would gift it to my 74 yr old Mom. She has never had her own PC and one like this would be perfect for her to learn on. I don’t think she would have space for the two monitors so I would probably keep them for my self and give her mine.

  20. My current system was state of the art about 6 years ago. Now it is now literally on its last legs. The Lenovo system would replace it.
    I would use it in my home based business and for graphic and family history endeavors. I could really use the new equipment.

  21. My current system was state of the art about 6 years ago. Now it is now literally on its last legs. The Lenovo system would replace it.
    I would use it in my home based business and for graphic and family history endeavors. I could really use the new equipment.

  22. Hey Jake,
    I already receive your newsletter, so I guess I just need to let you know what I would do if I won this system. First off, I’ve never owned a dual monitor system in my life, so that would be exciting ! I love creating 3d graphics using Blender 3D… and dual monitors would be incredible ! As for the tower itself, I’d probably throw it under the back tire of my car and crush it for scrap metal… 2GB ram? Do computers ship with that little amount? I’m sure I could find someone to pawn it off on, but the monitors would be cool!

  23. This system would be a dream come true for me as I work two full time jobs and am aspiring to develop full time work doing what I love to do (repairing computers and mobile DJing on the weekends) This system would help me embellish my skills and maybe accomplish a successful transition into independence. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  24. This system would be a dream come true for me as I work two full time jobs and am aspiring to develop full time work doing what I love to do (repairing computers and mobile DJing on the weekends) This system would help me embellish my skills and maybe accomplish a successful transition into independence. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  25. A new desktop would be just what the Dr ordered.
    I could retire my 7 yr old desktop XP machine and 3 yr old laptop. Talk about a sob story. The laptop battery just died this week. And the “magic smoke escaped” from desktop CRT monitor that I was using as a second monitor running from the laptop. I felt like I had one eye poked out after losing that second monitor.

  26. Cheryl – I am a displaced country girl living in a small town. I dream in flowers refers to my passion for nature.
    Cheryl says:

    I would use it for my small business I am in the process of setting up. It would be very awesome to be chosen for the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. I subscribe, and I’d use this to replace my 4 year old desktop computer. My current desktop is so slow that it is painful to use. My kids won’t even play computer games on it anymore, it is just not worth the trouble. Plus the monitor dies intermittently, which just makes it more frustrating. So this machine would enable me to be more effective and get more done.

  28. my husband runs a small graphics design business. this would be great to have a separate pc to handle the everyday business stuff.

  29. I would love to have this for converting my VHS home movies to digital video, even if I needed to get a graphics card. I am also doing a lot of audio conversion work, and having a newer machine and two screens would just be fantastic!

  30. I’d use this to develop software. Having two large displays would help a lot, compared to the laptop I currently use.

  31. I am basically tech support for my relatives and friends. This dual monitor setup would allow me to remotely help others, seeing their desktop on one monitor, while still having space for my desktop to research, find utility files, etc. Very cool!

  32. I would use the computer for our home based Plumbing and Heating company to do billing and inventory. In our free time my family loves surfing the net, keeping up on the news, my son loves Poptopica!!
    I am already a subscriber… thank you.

  33. Hi Jake, I am excited about possibly winning this awesome combination. I am a full-time mfg worker and a part-time Drupal developer. I just got involved in an awesome development project called the Open Garden Project where I am learning lots and making some very good friends. I am working very hard at breaking out of the old line of work and into full-time development work. I will use this set-up to upgrade my computing capabilities in Drupal development and design for now and who knows what other fun web development technologies are possible.
    Take care!

  34. Hi Jake. I find your letter extremely informative, even better then Leo Laporte’s radio show. I would like to utilize the new computer set-up to teach online statistics classes.
    I used to have a ThinkPad, and would like to see how it has improved!
    Look forward to getting the good news!

  35. I do a lot of work in music production/post, and am a photographer as well. My current setup is adequate, but barely. I know whatever my next hardware step is, it will involve faster graphics! (I’m “stuck” in a desktop I really like, but the graphics were proprietary, and can’t be upgraded..) Thanks for all you do. Cheers

  36. Hi Jake,
    I would donate the entire system to our Local Cancer Patient Services Organization. They do a lot of great things locally for people that have been diagnosed with Cancer. Their current system is old and slow. How great it would be for them to have a new blazing fast system!
    Rick Tidd

  37. Hey Jake, Great blog. Been reading since you started it.
    I’d use the new system for breaking in new, not quite ready for prime time software of my own and others’ making. It would be a huge time saver!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Stellar give-away! Wow!
    As much as I’d love to have this system, I have friends in upstate NY who could use it more. I would gift it to them so that my children & I could stay in touch with them easier…(will add a webcam!)~

  39. Hi, it is my first time to post here. These computers would be a great help for me to finish my graduate studies (btw, I’m taking instructional design/technology) here in US, since I don’t own a computer.

  40. I am going to school to learn Web design and digital communications and this is exactly what I need to learn all of the Adobe and other apps. My computer doesn’t have enough power to run the apps.

  41. I’d really love to know how you always have these great offers!
    I’m starting a small IT/Accountancy Software consultancy firm, and what a way to start. I’d use it in the front office (never used a dual monitor before) and it would just boost the image that much more. Plus I don’t think we have that kind of monitor in my town, or I just haven’t seen one for sale, and the specs are great for SQL data processing, AND games (during free time ofcourse;)).

  42. Needed a new computer!
    All the computers in our house have been dieing this month, my laptop died last week, my hard drive that had a backup of my laptop crashed, and then yesterday afternoon my dad’s computer started playing up and died later that night too.
    Personally I think our household is due in for a new computer, even if what you offer here looks more like its suited up to control a Stargate, I think it would help us, and not just to travel across the universe through an intergalactic portal…
    Mostly the computer is for my dad, but seeing those two big screens leaves me thinking that maybe my deep-dark-gamer within me might not be able to cope with it being a shared computer.
    And perhaps it will ‘vanish’ into my room…

  43. As a pensioner I’ve usually got to wait until new toys are old toys, befor they can be my toys! I’ve still only got 256 MB ram. With up to 4GB memory
    I expect things might be a little bit faster and more fun!

  44. I will use it in my garage, to wiew repair manuals and for rally games ;). I think it would be great gaming and working computer.

  45. What a great prize! I would use it for trying to digitally repair and preserve our old family photos and would give my daughter my current computer for hers is outdated.
    I learn so much from your newsletter. Since I’m not a computer “techie”, I appreciate your newsletter for I can understand most of it.

  46. I could really use a new pc. This one is seven years old and slowly failing. I am a student in college studying the IT field. It would be nice to have a pc that has hardware virtualization and more than one processor for the virtual computers that we have to run for our schoolwork. Currently I am unemployed with no unemployment compensation and going back to school to better myself so I can get a job. I could really use a break from life and winning this competition would really do that for me. Thanks.

  47. Actually, this would upgrade the 10 year old system we now have in the office. Trying to keep afloat in this business environment is getting rough, but I intend to keep the people working. One way is to set up another avenue-online-with a selling website. Looks like a great way to keep track of the website and enter an order or check product at the same time!

  48. I am a technology facilitator in an elementary school. We focus on the use of technology to enhance learning. We can always use new hardware and this would be a great addition to lower our ratio of kids to computers in school.

  49. I would use this system to help me get through my university course which is all about bringing newer technologies to the classroom setting. Having a more up to date rig would do wonders for utilizing music and video production applications as well as preparing coursework for my elementary students.
    Thanks for the chance,

  50. I am student & interested in all types of new gadgets. I a well knowledge about new hardwares available for a complete good PC. but due to the budget required for it is not fitting mine.If i got this PC i will keep it in my room and use it as my personal computer at allow others to use it.
    Only with my permission they cane use it. I also can’t ask my father for money so i am arranging it by my self. I am crazy for new softwares and games. I’ll donload it and instal it on my own PC.

  51. Wow, would make a great upgrade to my AMD3400 system for our graphics work. I have used dual 19″ monitors for years and I agree with you – once you have multiple monitors, you’ll never go back!

  52. Would fit perfectly into my newly remodeled home office. I’m a work-at-home mon and would love the new dual monitor system.

  53. I’d use this to replace our aging family computer which is 5 years old now (funny how quickly they age nowadays). It’s in the center of our home and gets used by everyone from my 7yo son on up. We maintain a large number of digital phots and a sizeable music collection, so all this extra horsepower (compared to my current setup) would definitely be welcome.

  54. My daughter is a single Mom going back to college for her decree to teach elementary school, she will graduate at the end of the 2011 school year, she has to either come to our house or go to the library to do her assignments. I would love to win the Lenovo to give to her and she wouldn’t be dragging my grand-daughter out on school nights to work on her assignments. I am a subscriber.

  55. My 4 kids will love to have a second computer, they won’t have to wait for me (they will still fight with each other though)
    I expect they can use it for homework (Right…) but likely they will use it for some of those new PC games that are out or to get better performance on the flash based games they play already.

  56. With 5 kids in grades 4 – 12 and me being a teacher, we always have a need for another computer! And one that is fast is a plus. Dual monitors would allow school projects and research to go a lot faster.
    Looking forward to your good news…

  57. I would use this as a small office computer for working with digital document storage and processing of financial documents as well as accounting functions. The dual monitor monitor makes working with pdf files and financial software a breeze and with the processing power, OCR and markup would never bog the system down. This would also allow the second phase of training clients on digital document storage, use and retrieval a very funtional process since they would be able to observe and participate with a second monitor temporarily set up as a mirror monitor.

  58. Jake
    I have enjoyed your column since my husband passed from brain cancer 5 years ago and I found out about the age ceiling for going back to work. I happily found volunteer work in a necessary high school in the computer ROP class and was instrumental in obtaining financing so our underprivileged kids all received yearbooks free of charge.
    All 5 years-no kidding! This year we also did a Native Plant Garden.
    I was just gifted with CS5 and would love to install it on this unit. Mine is about 8 years old and stumbling. Dual moniters are awesome. The whole thing would be awesome.

  59. I’m soon moving to New York, to begin a PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. I’m also getting married, and that means two people in a small, small space (it’s going to be wonderful, but certainly cramped). Neither of us owns a desktop computer at the moment, instead we have rapidly aging laptops. With a solid, powerful, quiet desktop like this one, and two new iPads (on the wedding registry, fingers crossed) we’d be absolutely set to be connected at school, and have a powerful machine for more computer-intensive tasks (and Hulu watching, on those massive screens). This computer would make an already exciting couple of months exponentially more awesome!
    Great blog Jake, and thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Hi Jake!
    When I win this computer, I will use it to augment my wife’s book layout service. Currently she is using a Thinkpad X100E, which quite limited in what it can do. With dual monitor Thinkcentre like this, the possibilities of enhancing her service is quite good, and it will definitely supplement our family’s income 😀
    *picture me calmly waiting for the good news email from you*

  61. Hi Jake,
    If I won, I would finally have access to a reliable computer and not have to argue with my significant other over a netbook when I need to check patient information. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  62. Hi Jake,
    I have two teenagers at home who are complaining about how slow the current 5 year old model is. They would use the new A63 for school work as well as entertainment. I would use it, when available, for video editing and gaming.

  63. Hi Jake,
    Having been a happy Mac fan for all these years, and currently considering switching to Windows, I would love to try editing my home videos with this two monitor set-up.
    Great Blog.

  64. This computer would be used by most all my family. My daughters and I would use this for school papers and education. I plan on going back to school and this would be perfect for it, I think. I would also use it to browse the internet and see what the Lenovo computer can do for me. I have never seen a computer with two monitors so it would be nice to see how that works exactly. I bet this computer would be awesome to surf the web with and have multiple tabs open. Mine won’t let me but this one looks like it would. Thanks for the chance.

  65. Jake – I would use it in my law office to replace my lap top computer which I am using as my desk top. The double monitors would enable me to keep two projects in front of me. That would be helpful because of the usual numerous tasks that I have running most of the time.

  66. I run a small business as an independent bookseller. This Lenovo looks perfect for my needs. I need tons of memory for spreadsheet capability in order to keep track of buyers, auctions, estate sales, travel arrangements, hotels, rental car agencies, sales, inventory, and the like. Plus I require reliability and I heard the Lenovo line is very reliable.

  67. I would give the computer to my two grandsons,they will be in the eighth grade this year and need a computer badly. I think it would be great for them. They have never had a computer. When they need to use a computer to do school work their mom has to drive them to our house to use mine.

  68. Hello, i am interested with this free offer (well, who hate free things especially when they are good?). but i will not compete for this just want to fill your comment box ^.^. i wish you give these items to a person who need it better than anyone else 🙂
    Good Luck all !

  69. I am already a subscriber and look forward to your newsletter 🙂
    If I won this great computer the first thing I would do is be so happy and I would give my old one to my grandson where he can play games that his old computer wont play and he would be happy 🙂
    then I would learn how to use two monitors and do graphics on one and watch Hulu on the other if I could. 🙂

  70. Hi Jake,
    I’m typing this on a Lenovo laptop right now. In the last ten years I’ve gone through eight or so desktop and laptop computers. The Lenovo is, easily, the most trouble free computer I’ve ever owned. I’m a published poet and need to continually update agent addresses and phone numbers, addresses and contact information for literary quarterlies, acceptance periods, due dates, sent dates, rejection letters, myriad contacts, and all the other minutia that comes along with trying to publish. A new computer would be so nice. I would give my old one to my dad. He likes to play those Hidden Object games.

  71. Hi Jake:
    I would use the Lenovo system in my GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) work. At a previous job I used a dual monitor system and I loved it! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great system

  72. I would use this computer to try my skill doing video editing.
    I bought a new camcorder and my current computers are to slow to play the video’s that are saved on the computer.

  73. Hi there,
    I’m a subscriber! I would love to win this so that I can replace my 12 year old clunker that died not long ago. Currently borrowing my Mom’s PC. Not the ideal situation! This would be an insane upgrade, to be sure. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  74. triniwebdiva – Trinidad & Tobago – I'm a researcher and consultant in Education Technology and Internet Governance. I've taught in academia for over 15 years, and also worked in government, non-profit, and corporate environments. I'm also involved in volunteer work with women and girls, mainly focused on STEM education and careers.
    Jacqueline says:

    I’d love to win this system. My old desktop is on its last legs. I have just started a programme to teach video, audio and webdesign to high school girls here in the Caribbean (14 years); to ensure that they are getting into tech fields and not being left out, and this would really help me with that programme. We have just started, have old computers, but they are already starting to do some really interesting and amazing work.

  75. I would use this computer to replace my rather ancient system. It is over 7 years old, and very slow and frustrating to use. The Lenovo would be a welcome gift, and very needed, as I am starting a new business and need a better system. Thanks!

  76. I would use this as my main computer and give the old one to my little niece. Thank you for giving people a chance to win.

  77. I would use the Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 to watch movies, and to upgrade my router. The desktop I have now is over 8 years old and doesn’t have the resources to support a new router. My internet connection would be faster and more secure. I haven’t had the luxury to support dual monitors, it would be a whole new internet experience for myself and my family.

  78. I would give this to my son; he’s just started a fledgling graphics design business and could really use this system.

  79. I am a student of civil engineering and this computer would be very helpful for me in my studies. Also, my wife works from home on a small laptop and a proper desktop computer with this amazing display would definitely increase her productivity.

  80. I’d like to win this sweet system to replace my old Dell workstation. It’s on it’s last legs and I’ve been looking for a viable replacement. The Lenovo A63 is it!

  81. I am self-employed as government agency consultant, and have been working an a design of a replacement computer system employing two monitors as an efficient means of using Internet resources at the same time as drafting research reports. This system appears to provide the hardware for the design, and, of course, I would rather win the equipment than purchase it. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the drawing.

  82. I would be using the A63 on the main floor of my house to be able to jump on it whenever I need to. I’d be switching my single 19″ to the A63 and using the 2 monitors with my gaming tower.

  83. I’ll use it to replace my current, broken tower from Fry’s. For video and image editing, telecommuting and all around web surfing and maybe even some gaming.

  84. Wow! I’ve followed your site for sometime now and love getting the information. I’m trying to get more into Audio/Video activity. I really need a good system as I start recording books, narrating them, etc. I use a software editing system a lot, Audacity, to edit my pastors sermons, and could use all the help I can get for cutting down on the time it takes. I believe the Lenovo System would really enhance my activities and make for some exciting times, too.

  85. I would give this PC to my father to replace a, nearly ten year old, Dell dimension. He owns a company that designs and installs custom home theaters, IP and tel networks, and distributes A/V systems. Winning this PC would free up his old machine for some WHS duty.

  86. It would be my machine w Outlook opened all the time on one screen and
    bloglines, digg, cnet, Twitter, etc opened on the other screen.
    No more having to share the PC with wife and kids.

  87. I would use this as main PC doing most of my certification learning while using my current PC for testing. It’s hard to learn how play with a system when it’s your only system.

  88. I would use this to replace my only PC at home. I’ve been wanting an upgrade for quite awhile now, but money’s tight. Hopefully I can get lucky

  89. My company(michelin Tyre Services) uses Lenovo Systems as they have Partnership with IBM; If I win this wonderful Masterpiece by having it at home, It will make me work more effectively as an I.T. Personnel .

  90. I would give this to my son, Ben for his final year Music Technology MSc and help him along towards aiming for a first. He’s also just started learning the Adobe Creative Suite and is hoping to start a production business as part of the final year project.

  91. I would use this computer as my main family PC. It would be used for email, games, streaming movies and light Macro Express development. Of course, general web browsing would be part of the picture.

  92. A wonderful giveaway, would be used as a dual language system with Windows 7 in English on one screen and Windows 7 with Thai intereface on the other to teach my3 year old son who is mixed Scot/Thai. Later this could progress to other languages such as Chinese. I would have duplicate software and see the development first hand. Furthermore my Wife and I are both movie makers so editing would be made easier. Finally music creation and editing would also be made smoother. I thank you for the opportunity.

  93. i would love this system having the ability to use two monitors while doing various things on line would make my live easier and would give me the ability to increase my activity drastically

  94. Hi. I would use the system to help making my Visitor Driving Routes Movies of Orlando showing the way from airports to accommodation locations. One thing I have learned about Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is that you need a lot of screen space. Here’s hoping and hopping. Thanks. Keep on truckin…

  95. If I win this will be my main PC. I’ve always wanted a PC with dual monitor. I can get so much more stuff done if there’s 2 monitors instead of one

  96. This would replace my ancient Dell 8200. I would use it in the same way but I’m so sure it would be more efficient and way better looking.

  97. Awesome giveaway! If I won, I would probably give the computer to my dad. He works with computers all the time and would know how to utilize this to the fullest, as I am a mere padawan when it comes to fancy computers. 🙂

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