Edit Google Docs on iPad

“How do I edit Google Docs on my iPad? I know I can view Google docs in Safari and there are a bunch of apps that read Google Docs, but I can’t find a Google Docs editor for iPad. Any ideas?”
Safari for iPad currently lacks some necessary features for editing Google Docs on an iPad, although reading them looks pretty great. My favorite PDF editor for iPad, ReaddleDocs, also works great as a Google Docs reader, but doesn’t support editing. In fact, to date, I can only find one app that actually works acceptably for editing Google Docs on my iPad.

Office2 HD Google Docs editor for iPadAs of this writing, Office2 HD is the only app in the iTunes App Store with reliable support for editing Google Docs on an iPad. At $7.99 Office2 HD is one of the better document editors, with additional support for MobileMe, Dropbox, myDisk, icloud, and Box.net. Google Docs support inside the app includes adding photos, as well as all the basic formatting features you might expect in the Web version of Google Docs. You might not see all the features at first because you have to swipe the toolbar in order to see some of the buttons. Possibly the biggest short coming of Office2 HD is figuring out how to set up these online accounts in the first place.
How do you add your Google Docs account to Office2 HD?
After you download and install Office2 HD, there are a few easy (but undocumented) steps to adding a Google Docs account. Open the app and the first thing you will see is an empty list of Local Files. Up in the top left corner of this list is a Back button. Click that Back button to see a list of all available file locations, which is initially just the Local Files. From here you need to click the Edit button, followed by Add Service. Google Docs is in the list.
Once you click on Google Docs in the service list, you simply input your Gmail or Google Apps account email and password. Be sure to turn on SSL so that you aren’t exposing your documents on public WiFi networks. Click Save and you will instantly have access to browsing your list of Google Docs. Office2 HD also supports creating new Google Docs inside the application, so there’s no need to worry about how you’re going to move files around once you are back at another computer.
If you need to edit Google Docs on your iPad, be sure to download Office2 HD.
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