How to Connect Samsung Captivate to PC and Sync Outlook

The software I use to keep my Android phones in sync is CompanionLink. They offer a few different versions of the app, but make it easy to choose the right one based on the software you want to connect to your phone.
One of the key reasons I like CompanionLink is that it offers the option of updating Outlook with any changes I make directly on the phone. So if I meet someone and enter their contact info in my phone, the info automatically shows up back in my Outlook contacts too. So far I haven’t found another solution that reliably does this without screwing up my contacts.

The trick is you need a Gmail account as a kind of middleman between the phone and Outlook. CompanionLink then keeps all your contacts and calendar appointments in sync with Gmail. You configure your phone to connect to the Gmail account and everything is automatic from there. Maybe the best part of this process is that it doesn’t require you to actually connect your phone to your computer. The sync process happens over the Internet.
The steps required to sync Outlook with your Samsung Captivate are pretty straight forward.
1) If you don’t currently have a Gmail account, go sign up for a free account.
2) Download and install CompanionLink. It’s not free, but it’s also the only app I tried that didn’t completely break my calendar by adding duplicate events.
3) Configure the Gmail account on your Samsung Captivate to connect your calendar and contacts so that all the data from Outlook is automatically passed to your phone.
After those three steps are complete, you should be able to keep your Outlook and Samsung Captivate data in sync without any additional configuration or headaches.