Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure – HP Blade System Matrix Explained

HP is showing off the Blade System Matrix product at Oracle Open World 2010. Basically, they’ve designed a private cloud computing infrastructure, complete with management tools, that takes a large portion of the frustrating configuration out of setting up a cloud infrastructure inside your company. The server configuration integrates to a common backplane, eliminating the messy cabling while also pre-configuring all the components so they automatically talk to each other.

This is different from a standard multi-server configuration in part because of the integrated resource management layer. Companies get an improved efficiency in this scenario because the internal divisions who need available computing resources can actually request access to those resources on the fly. HP includes a cloud management interface that lets whoever you define as an IT customer within your organization request resources in a highly efficient manner. The video below with Kevin Lyons from HP talks in greater details about the benefits of using HP Blade System Matrix inside a company IT infrastructure.