Make Your Computer Faster with Optimize

Free Optimize 3.0 Scan - Click Here Optimize was originally introduced as a breakthrough application designed to help get the most out of your PC. 150 million+ scans later, Optimize became the world’s most popular computer optimization software. Optimize 3.0 is an incredibly powerful tool that will boost the overall performance of your computer and resolve many of the issues you may be experiencing.

You can boost your performance using the following features:

  • Remote scheduling allows you to schedule Optimize to run from any other computer where Optimize is installed.
  • Get Optimize reports via email so that you know your system is being optimized.
  • Verify Optimize reports for all computers in one place – a single sign on can give you reports on all your computers.
  • Eliminate unnecessary Outlook files that clog your computer’s hard drive.
  • Scan your system for registry errors that cause things like svchost.exe to fail.
  • Enhance your download speeds by optimizing Windows Internet settings.
  • Shut down unnecessary background processes and recover memory and processor cycles from rogue applications.